Is the National School Security Information Sharing System a government run website?

No, the NSSISS is a privately run program that looks to bridge the information sharing gap between law enforcement and school districts, as well as promoting inter-district communication.

Can anyone join the website?

No, access to the website is limited to active law enforcement officers, educational administrators and board of education employees within in the security field.

Why must enrolled schools have three individuals registered with the site?

The purpose for insisting on three applicants is to ensure redundancy. Educational professionals have busy schedules that may necessitate them being out of the office for training, attending conferences, and even absences due to illnesses. The redundancy is to ensure, to a reasonable level, that one of the three registered users will have an opportunity to review information that may impact their school or district.

What type of information am I allowed to post on the site?

The site administrators want to promote the exchange of ideas, experiences, advice, questions and answers, and the dissemination of information from valid and vetted sources. Users must remember that although the site is password protected, all applicable laws pertaining to confidentiality, HIPAA, FERPA and the protection of juveniles will be strictly enforced. Any content that violates any state or federal law, or is not of a professional nature will be removed immediately by the site administrators. Any user who may locate any content that is in violation of the provisions set forth in the legal disclaimer are expected to contact the site managers immediately.

Are the security vendors, or products mentioned on the site, vetted by your organization?

The vendors and products are critiqued and reviewed by fellow administrators and school employees. Users will have the ability to see how colleagues ultimately felt about their firsthand knowledge and experience with a particular vendor or product.  We encourage users to comment in order to assist others who may be researching products and services for their own districts. The NSSISS will not solicit, or accept, advertisement proposals for products or services that represent flawed products or companies with an unfavorable work history.

Why is it important for each school in a district to have access to the site?

Each school faces its own unique security challenges. The sharing of information and its relevance to each individual school cannot be overstated.  What pertains to a high school may not pertain to an elementary or middle school, so providing access to each individual school provides for a greater flow of information as it pertains to their school.

Does the site pertain to my school if we don't have a school resource officer?

Yes.  The main purpose of the site is to provide school administrators with the most recent and pertinent information as it relates to all facets of school safety.  School administrators will have access to information that is often only passed along by law enforcement and security experts.

How long will my membership be valid?

Memberships are valid for a period of 12 months from the time of activation.

Can I transfer a membership from one employee to another?

Yes, NSSISS understands that schools will experience turnover. When an employee moves on, their membership will become void when their email address is deactivated. Schools may contact the NSSISS to have the deactivated account transferred to a new employee.