Board Members

Philip A. Selton

In March 2017, Philip Selton retired as a senior executive at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.  As Deputy Director for Intelligence for the National Counterterrorism Center, Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Mr. Selton managed the organization responsible for the integration and analysis of all intelligence pertaining to terrorism possessed or acquired by the U.S. government, a role he served in for two and a half years. Mr. Selton’s more than twenty-year career with the FBI included fourteen years of managerial positions and his appointment into the Senior Executive Service in 2009. 

Prior to his promotion to Deputy Director, he was selected as the Special Agent in Charge of the Intelligence Division (SAC) of the Washington Field Office. As SAC he was in charge of approximately 450 Special Agents, Intelligence Analysts, and other personnel, working on counterterrorism, criminal, cyber, and foreign counterintelligence matters. Before this position, he was a senior executive at FBI headquarters, where he was in charge of the section responsible for all overseas FBI terrorism cases and FBI personnel assigned to Department of Defense Combatant Commands.  

Mr. Selton also served as Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Cleveland Division, where he led cyber security, counterterrorism, and other programs. Previously, Mr. Selton was an Assistant Section Chief in the Counterterrorism Division at FBI headquarters. As an Assistant Section Chief, he oversaw the program management of all Al Qaeda related FBI investigations in the continental United States including traditional, cyber, and financial  matters. Mr. Selton also was a Supervisory Special Agent in Newark, NJ, where he was in charge of the squad investigating transnational criminal enterprises in Central and South America. He later became the supervisor of an organized crime squad targeting African, European, and Asian criminal enterprises.

Mr. Selton graduated from the United States Military Academy in West Point and served as an officer on active duty for five years including a deployment to Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Kuwait. He was awarded a Bronze Star Medal for his actions during combat in Operation Desert Storm. After leaving active duty, Mr. Selton worked as a stock broker for Prudential Securities for four years. During that time he also served as a campaign manager for two successful New Jersey political campaigns

Ronald T. Hosko

Ronald T. Hosko is a 1984 graduate of the Temple University School of Law.  He entered on duty with the FBI in July 1984 after taking the Pennsylvania bar exam.  Upon completion of training at the FBI Academy, he was assigned to the Jackson Division where he investigated white-collar crime, organized crime, and drug matters, including significant cases involving advance fee and Ponzi schemes, as well as a case resulting in the conviction of leaders, members, and associates of the Bandidos motorcycle gang. He served on the Jackson Division SWAT team.

In August 1988, Mr. Hosko transferred to the Chicago Division, where he worked undercover in the “Sourmash” investigation targeting fraudulent commodities trading at the Chicago Board of Trade.  He subsequently investigated white-collar and financial crimes in Chicago until early 1992, when he was reassigned to conduct violent crime and fugitive investigations on the Chicago Violent Crimes Task Force. From 1990 to 1996, Mr. Hosko was a member of the Chicago SWAT team.

In 1995, he was designated supervisor of the Chicago Violent Crimes Task Force, focusing the unit’s efforts on ransom kidnappings, bank and armored car robberies, murder-for-hire plots, extortion, and other federal crimes, until his transfer to Quantico, Virginia in 2001.

Mr. Hosko served as a supervisor of the FBI’s Crisis Management Unit from January 2001 and served in that role until August 2001, when he was promoted to unit chief within the Critical Incident Response Group.  While assigned to the Crisis Management Unit, Mr. Hosko served as a deputy to the Joint Operations Center commander during the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City and led the FBI’s integration of the interagency Joint Operations Center during the Washington, D.C.-area sniper shootings.

In July 2003, Mr. Hosko was promoted to assistant special agent in charge of the Philadelphia Division and provided oversight of the Criminal Enterprise and Violent Crimes branch in addition to surveillance and technical operations and several resident agencies. He also served as the program manager for crisis management, ensuring the division’s SWAT team, crisis negotiators, and other components were trained and prepared for an integrated response.  Mr. Hosko served as the on-scene commander of FBI personnel deployed to support Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and, in September 2005, Mr. Hosko served as deputy to the Senior Federal Law Enforcement Official following the landfall of Hurricane Katrina.  In February 2006, Mr. Hosko served as the deputy on-scene commander for FBI personnel supporting the Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy.

Mr. Hosko was promoted to inspector in April 2007.  He helped develop the Inspection Reconstruction Project beginning in late 2007 and throughout 2008.  Mr. Hosko led the inspection of FBI investigative programs and field offices, and conducted multiple management reviews, as well as the inquiry into fatal and serious shooting incidents.

In 2010, Mr. Hosko was appointed Special Agent in Charge (SAC), Washington Field Office Criminal Division, having oversight for cyber intrusions and crimes; and all criminal matters including civil rights, criminal enterprises and organized crime, public corruption, financial crimes and violent crimes.

In 2012, Mr. Hosko was appointed assistant director of the FBI’s Criminal Investigative Division with responsibility for all FBI criminal investigations globally.  In that role, he advanced FBI active shooter training initiatives based on responses to the tragic events in Aurora, CO and Newtown, CT in 2012, and the Washington, D.C., Navy Yard in 2013.

Mr. Hosko retired from the FBI in April 2014 after 30 years of dedicated service.

He currently serves as the President of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund

Mark J. Pompano

Mr. Mark Pompano was initially employed with the Naugatuck (CT) Police Department as a Police Officer in 1987.  Immediately upon his graduation from the Connecticut Municipal Police Training Academy, Mark was assigned to the Connecticut State Police-Statewide Narcotics Task Force (SNTF) where he worked as an undercover operative and narcotics investigator.  During his 3 year assignment to SNTF, Mark also served as an undercover operative with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).  Upon the successful completion of his assignment with SNTF, Mark returned to the Naugatuck Police Department where he was assigned as a Detective, Youth Officer, Patrol Officer, and quickly promoted to the rank of Sergeant. 

In the early 1990’s, Mark secured employment with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).  Following his graduation from the LAPD Academy, Mark worked as a patrol officer in West Los Angeles Division and Central Division, then quickly promoted to the Rank of Field Training Officer (FTO).  During his tenure as an FTO in LAPD Central Division, Mark’s preliminary investigation and his discovery of crucial evidence at a gruesome downtown LA murder scene led to the subsequent identification, arrest, and conviction of Chester Turner, who remains to this day, LA’s most prolific serial killer.  It also led to the release of a man who was wrongly convicted and imprisoned for a murder actually committed by Turner.  During his career time with the LAPD, Mark worked many different divisions and specialized units.  Mark later promoted to the rank of Sergeant, where he served as a Field Supervisor, Assistant Watch Commander, Officer-in-Charge of the Pacific Division Career Criminal Detail, Internal Affairs Investigator, Internal Affairs Advocate, Consent Decree Coordinator, and as Officer-in-Charge of the Pacific Division Senior Lead/Community Relations Office.  

In June 2008, Mark returned to Connecticut to assist his mother with the care of his Father, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.  In August 2008, Mark was hired as the Director of Security for the Newtown Public Schools, where he drafted the district’s initial Emergency Operations Plan, established school emergency response guidelines, and assisted building principals with emergency response drills and exercises.  The tragedy at Sandy Hook affected Mark on both a professional and personal level, as the School’s Principal, Dawn Hotchsprung, was his longtime hometown friend and high school classmate.  As a result of the Sandy Hook tragedy, Mark now supervises a staff of 20 armed and unarmed school security officers whose primary mission is to ensure the safety and well-being of children, students, faculty, and staff members throughout the Newtown School District. 

Corry Lambie

Corry Lambie has been an educator since 1995, after graduating with his Bachelor’s Degree from University Wisconsin Oshkosh. He began his career as an elementary teacher and has also taught at the middle school level. In his career, he has also coached at elementary, middle and high school levels. After receiving his Master’s Degree from University Wisconsin Milwaukee, he has served as an administrator since 2000, including the last 10 years as Principal of Marinette High School in Marinette, Wisconsin.

Corry is able to provide a unique perspective to school safety. In November of 2010, Marinette High School was forced to deal with a serious school crisis, involving a hostage situation with 20+ students and a teacher, which lasted several hours. Since that situation, Corry has presented valuable information to other educators, school administrators, school safety coordinators and law enforcement to advise them on strategies to assist in handling a school crisis

Timothy P. Gerity

Tim is a 28 year law enforcement veteran who serves on numerous law enforcement and safety committees. As President of the New Jersey Association of School Resource Officers he works directly with school administrators, law enforcement officials, school safety professionals and community members to promote school safety. Most notably, Tim has given testimony before committees of the New Jersey Senate, Assembly and Police Training Commission on issues regarding school safety and security.

As a public speaker, Tim Gerity is arguably one of the security industry’s most versatile and relevant lecturers. For years, Tim has presented a variety of different awareness lectures to thousands of students, parents, educators, and law enforcement officials.  Through his work as a Cyber Crimes Investigator for one of New Jersey’s busiest counties, Tim has been trained in cyber crimes investigations and computer forensics by the National White Collar Crime Center and the Office of Juvenile Justice.

While actively pursuing a Master of Administrative Science degree from Farleigh Dickinson University, Tim Gerity also divides his time as an Instructor with the New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety, Division of Criminal Justice, and as such he is often a guest speaker at Police Academies across the State